Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gold Flower Polymer Clay Pendant [Chatoyant Mica Shift Technique]

Do you love holographic designs?  There is a polymer clay technique called Chatoyant Mica Shift that creates three dimensional or holographic effect using metallic sheets of clay. 

This technique is credited to Pier Volkus and Mike Bessler.  The effect happens when the mica flakes in the metallic clay are shifted when stamped on, hence the name.  After stamping, the raised areas are gently scraped to reveal a smooth and holographic image of the stamp.

I stamped Premo Antique Gold polymer clay with a floral themed stamp and gently scraped the raised areas.  Premo Black clay was used for the base.  The pendant was cured and Lisa Pavelka's Magic Gloss  was added to complete the piece.

A 24 inch leather cord or cable chain can be added to complete the piece.



Donna Cruz-Comia said...

oh my michelle! Super galing mo na! :) You should join the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild na :)

Neena Shilvock said...

Hi, I am an OBGYN in the UK turned jewellery maker - lovely pendant
invite you to my site- and my blog which is on the site