Saturday, June 8, 2013

[Focus on Life] Week 23: Typography

It's Week 23 at Ms. Sally Russick's Focus on Life over at The Studio Sublime and the prompt was:  Typography - the power of the written or typed word can be more powerful than you thought!
The style and appearance of printed matter has an effect to how we view items, websites, businesses, book titles and the list goes on and on.   Is the typography pleasing to the eye, does the font pull you in, draw you away, make you feel inspired?  This week focus on the printed word and see what the words are saying to you!

I wanted to share something that's been my bestfriend for the past months.  I love receiving stuff from the mail!  The excitement is overwhelming at times especially if it's something that I have eagerly waited on and more so if it's a surprise package.  Woot woot!
Most people these days prefer to write emails or send text message through their smartphones.  That's good but sending someone snail mail is even better.  There is something about opening a letter or a card from someone you know.  I know you hate getting junk mail, utility and credit card bills - you are not alone - just shred and throw them away.

Send someone a letter and make that someone happy.
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Be blessed!
♥  Michelle  ♥


Unknown said...

I so agree with they excitement of getting something SPECIAL in the mail. Don't think I would ever prefer technology with something so excittng as waiting for that mail truck to come down the road.

Shel said...

My Dad was the mailman in our little town and I agree that there's nothing better than getting a package, card, or letter in the mail - it's like Christmas! Great Fonts/Typography - Love it!!