Thursday, June 6, 2013

[Food] Slicing Watermelons

It's almost summer and I've been seeing a lot of watermelons in the grocery stores... yum!  Do you love eating watermelon?  If so, do you get bloated, constipated and feel gaseous?  Watermelons have a high water content hence they ferment faster than the other foods that we eat.  In order to avoid unwanted effects, try eating watermelon or other fruits with high water content alone next time and see the difference.  Let me know if this information helped you.

Another way to enjoy watermelons is to prepare them as clean as possible.  Be sure to wash your hands and kitchen utensils appropriately.  I like serving them in small pieces as it is easier to handle, avoiding drips on your white shirt... ekk!
My mom taught me how she does it - clean and simple - and I'd like to share it with you.
Serving Watermelon
Prepare a clean bowl.  Cut one whole watermelon into quarters then into 1 - 11/2 inch strips.  
I like holding the watermelon as seen in the photos but you can place them on a clean cutting board. Remember, SAFETY FIRST!  

Carefully run the knife vertically and cut into 1 1/2 inch strips from one end to the other.  Then, run the knife horizontally, allowing the pieces to fall on the prepared bowl.  When you get close to the bottom, whitish part, carefully slide the knife along the curve of the base, away from your hands and fingers.

In doing so, you avoid touching the fruit hence decreasing the risk of contamination.
This is best served chilled.
How do you serve watermelons?  

Have a blessed day,
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Anonymous said...

I serve it the same way - cut into small pieces and chilled. Sometimes I mix the red and yellow watermelon varieties for more color.