Saturday, March 1, 2014

[Events] Head Over Heels Surprise!

Do you remember this necklace that I made for our dear friend on her "Surprise High Heels Party?"  I forgot to show you how we decorated the hall for the celebration.  She loves wearing high heels so we decided to make it our theme and used gold, black and white.  The topiary centerpiece were handmade using gold and white tissue paper, wooden dowels, faux flowers and crystals arranged in a tall glass vase with stones and moss. We printed pictures of high heels and I applied Ranger's glossy accents to make it look oh so shiny, just like most of her shoes and adhered it to the glass centerpiece.  We made a total of 20 which really looked pretty.  The giant shoe on the background was  painted on a foam core board and adorned with red and white flowers.  The "Happy Birthday" sentiment was made using cricut.
Golden Birthday Celebration
Black, Gold, White
DIY decors
The letter blocks were handmade as well -  we painted it black with a gold trim.  There were a lot of guests so we had to figure how to best arrange the round and rectangular tables, 2 sets of buffet tables, roast pig carving table, dessert table and the sound booth.  It turned out pretty well.  We placed a separate presidential table which allowed them to have a perfect view of the program.  The cake was orange chiffon made and beautifully decorated by Jane&Jill.   

Oh it was wonderful to see her so happy, being surrounded by so many people who love her.  Husband and I were super tired but it was the "good kind of tired."  This was my first major events arrangement and (pardon my boasting), it was beautiful!  

Soli deo gloria!
♥  michelle

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