Friday, October 14, 2011

Turque Locket [Turquoise and Red Necklace]

The combination of Turquoise and shades of Red is always a perfect choice.
This necklace combines polymer clay, metal locket, chalk turquoise and crystal beads.

The round locket pendant measures 1.25 inches in diameter.  I added Premo' turquoise polymer clay, stamped and decorated it with red shades of floral canes.  The back of the locket is covered with plain turqouoise polymer clay that was stamped with the same image as the front.

The chain is silver and measures 29 inches.  The design of the necklace is completed with the addition of a toggle clasp, 10 mm chalk turquoise beads and 4 and 8 mm red crystal rondelles.

The necklace hangs beautifully. 
The asymmetrical design draws the eyes to the pendant which  brings about cohesiveness in the design.


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Kira said...

I love the idea of putting clay on metal! I love the colors too-- I found your site by doing a google for "turquoise and shades of red".